Argentario: unveiled coast

Cover of Argentario: unveiled coast

Argentario: unveiled coast

Andrea De Maria
Pubblicazione:  27 Maggio 2013
Pagine: 57
Lingua: inglese
ISBN: 9788890873515
Prezzo: € 7,99

Edizione cartacea: Europolis Editing


“Argentario is like a journey.

First you leave for the outward journey then, when you come back home, you long for going back there again. Most of the time, words are not enough: we need images to understand its beauty and to appreciate completely its magic and its strength.
Each spot of this “rock” is a little universe to discover.”

Andrea De Maria devoted his last work to the land he loves: Argentario. This photographic book, with over 70 wonderful images, lets you taste and discover the beauty of this part of Tuscany.

It has a special layout, plus full-screen pictures, panoramas on several pages, sensitive parts that disclose more information when you touch them and hidden spots revealing interesting details.

Besides, a hand-drawn map with the main points of interest in Argentario, together with local anecdotes and vintage images, make this a must-have book for those who love this part of Tuscany.

If you are passionate about photography, the author also reveals on Google Map* the shooting locations of his pictures, so that you can go there and reproduce the same wonderful views or simply enjoy them in person.

“Argentario: unveiled coast” is recommended for those who love Argentario, the sea, tourism, Italy and photography.

*Internet connection required

Italian version available.