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An illustrated history of Siena

An illustrated history of Siena

An illustrated history of Siena

Giuliano Catoni e Gabriella Piccinni
Pubblicazione:  9 Agosto 2013
Pagine: 202
Lingua: inglese
ISBN: 9788890873522
Prezzo: € 4,99

Edizione cartacea: Pacini Editore s.p.a.


Sitting on the gentle hills in the heart of Tuscany, Siena appears as a miniature gem to be looked at, studied and visited. Its populace has lived over the centuries a concentrated and fascinating historical journey, starting from the origins of the city to the Communal period, from the conflicts between the Guelphs and Ghibellines to the short period of the Seigniory, and finally to the present day, which has made it not only one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, but also one of the most beautiful in the entire historical and artistic world heritage. Tough and ambitious task, this volume has the objective to outline its virtuous historical plot, guiding the reader in a “three-dimensional” reading. The history of the city is complemented not only by brief and incisive thematic analysis, but also by delightful photographs, created especially for this volume.


Giuliano Catoni had the Chair of Historical Archives at the University of Siena, has published the catalogues of many archives, and personally cared for the publication of several catalogues of historical sources. He has written essays on the Middle Ages and on modern history, and he dedicates his historical research to the history of Siena.

Gabriella Piccinni, Reader in Medieval History at the University of Siena, has published essays on the Sienese society in the Middle Ages, and other essays on the general history of the countryside, the social welfare, pilgrimage and several university handbooks.


Argentario: unveiled coast

Cover of Argentario: unveiled coast

Argentario: unveiled coast

Andrea De Maria
Pubblicazione:  27 Maggio 2013
Pagine: 57
Lingua: inglese
ISBN: 9788890873515
Prezzo: € 7,99

Edizione cartacea: Europolis Editing


“Argentario is like a journey.

First you leave for the outward journey then, when you come back home, you long for going back there again. Most of the time, words are not enough: we need images to understand its beauty and to appreciate completely its magic and its strength.
Each spot of this “rock” is a little universe to discover.”

Andrea De Maria devoted his last work to the land he loves: Argentario. This photographic book, with over 70 wonderful images, lets you taste and discover the beauty of this part of Tuscany.

It has a special layout, plus full-screen pictures, panoramas on several pages, sensitive parts that disclose more information when you touch them and hidden spots revealing interesting details.

Besides, a hand-drawn map with the main points of interest in Argentario, together with local anecdotes and vintage images, make this a must-have book for those who love this part of Tuscany.

If you are passionate about photography, the author also reveals on Google Map* the shooting locations of his pictures, so that you can go there and reproduce the same wonderful views or simply enjoy them in person.

“Argentario: unveiled coast” is recommended for those who love Argentario, the sea, tourism, Italy and photography.

*Internet connection required

Italian version available.


Argentario – ritratto di costa svelata english version

Ricevuta la revisione dei testi in inglese si procede spediti come un treno alla produzione dell’opera di Andrea De Maria in lingua anglofona. La pubblicazione avverrà in tutti gli iBookstore dove la lingua di Shakespeare la fa da padrona.